New Runway Model Instructions and Signup for the October 18/19, 2019 event: The Return of Shelby Del Franko


“Black or Flash”

Please bring one pair of black stilettos, and one pair of flashy high heels. Beige or light, pastel colors are better than bright colors. No animal prints. Heals with metallic and light reflective elements are ideal (studs & spikes, sequins, holographics). Please do not walk in new heals you have never walked in before. 


“Stage makeup or totally natural”

Please come prepared to apply and touchup your own makeup (you will be given creative direction). Bring a good eye shadow palette. Arrive with stage makeup ready to go, if you have done that before. Or arrive with no makeup at all, because it’s better for your skin that way, and you will have access to the MUA. Not everyone will have access to the MUA so come prepared to be creative.


“It’s not a hair salon”

If it works for you, please arrive with hair straightened for the start of the show. We will have hair straighteners and quick twist curlers for everyone. You will be given quick instructions on the quick twist curler, and you will quickly curl your own hair. We use hair chalk for easy color application and removal. 


“Everything but straight”

Your walk will be choreographed by Sascha Summers. Each set has a unique and different walk pattern, and this runway show is not for beginners. Walks are demonstrated once, rehearsed once, and executed with at least two runway models walking at the same time. If you don’t understand a walk pattern after the rehearsal, get a one-on-one immediately with someone that does. 

Fill out this form to join Sascha Summer’s roster. 

Beginner Quick Tips

  • Runway walking is an art form. 
  • The basics of walking is about weight and positioning. 
  • Remember that your purpose is showing the clothes, and know who you are walking for so you walk with the right style.
  • Basic form: Keep shoulder back, hips forward, feet straight. 
  • Arms to the side and do not swing arms too much. 
  • You have to be able to walk the runway with whatever you have on and make it look great.

Simple Pivot Turn

  1. With leading foot: stop 
  2. Raise up on toes
  3. Pivot around 180 degrees
  4. Start walk with leading foot




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